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From transACTION (Leader (pdf) | Participant (pdf)): “Most transgender Christians are searching for the same things that other believers want: a connection to their God within a loving community where worship and working for equality and justice are the focus of the Christian experience.

Unfortunately, these searching transgender people are too often left without a place to call their “church home” because most congregations and religious institutions are not ready to welcome them as their Christian companions.

transACTION is designed to help churches and institutions address this issue of understanding and welcome by providing step-by-step training about the needs, apprehensions and fears of transgender people – as well as the wealth of gifts and graces they bring – while responding to the concerns of the church or religious institution.”

Pastoral Care in Transgender Experience (pdf)
By Reverend Erin K. Swenson, Th.M., Ph.D.

Rev. Erin Swenson broke new ground within mainstream Christian Protestant faith groups on October 22, 1996, when the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, by a vote of 186 to 161, sustained her ordination as a Presbyterian minister. Erin had transitioned from male to female in 1995/96 after 23 years of ordained service, and with the Presbytery’s vote in 1996 she became the first mainstream minister to make a gender transition while remaining in ordained office.

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