LGBTQ History Month 2013

October is LGBTQ History Month. LGBTQ History Month was officially recognized by the federal government in 2010 and is a time to take 31 days to celebrate the contributions of persons past and present who have helped change history. You may return to this video over the month of October to meet a new icon each day.

In addition to the videos, you may also download resources that go into greater detail about each icon.

Watch Video

2013 Icons

1. Zackie Achmat
2. Edward Albee
3. Gwen Araujo
4. Reinaldo Arenas
5. Axel Axgil
6. Djuna Barnes
7. Joseph Beam
8. Gad Beck
9. Joan Biren
10. Patrick Califia
11. Mandy Carter
12. Willa Cather
13. Tracy Chapman
14. Tim Cook
15. Anderson Cooper
16. Elio Di Rupo
17. Martin Duberman
18. Tom of Finland
19. Brenda Howard
20. Nathan Lane
21. Queen Latifah
22. Simon Nkoli
23. Bruce Nugent
24. Ma Rainey
25. Sally Ride
26. Marlon Riggs
27. Vito Russo
28. José Sarria
29. George Takei
30. Jason Wu
31. John Lawrence & Tyron Garner

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