Just as the impact of your congregation is measured in more than the number of folks who show up on Sunday morning or can be counted on the rolls, More Light Presbyterians shines more light into more communities nationwide than our small, but mighty structure would seem to make possible.

Truth is, you make it possible with us. Your contributions keep lights on and shining far and wide. We suggest a minimum annual contribution of $250. Consider the following suggestions for calculating your annual contributions.

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These contributions:

1. Help support a movement
2. Give to a campus ministry, local group, or national network
3. Support the creation of education and worship resources for individuals and congregations
3. Adopt a More Light Ambassador (or six!)
4. Enhance our technology so we can continue our ministry of presence, even from a distance

We also offer named giving and sponsorship opportunities that let you be a part of our work in deeper and more meaningful ways, regardless of congregation size. All we need are partners like you to bring the resources, so we can concentrate on bringing More Light wherever it’s needed. We’re ready.

You can use the form below to make your annual contribution.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!