The Enneagram is a powerful tool for transforming your life, but it can’t change you if you don’t know how to use it. Conscious Enneagram is here for you, to help you apply the teachings the Enneagram has to offer into your day to day life. Here we seek to turn information into transformation through embodied practices and conscious living.

My name is Abi Robins (they/them), and I’m an Enneagram Teacher who’s trained with The Narrative Enneagram. I started Conscious Enneagram because I felt like there was something missing in the Enneagram community. I strive to teach this system in a holistic and mindful way, working to fully incorporate and integrate all three centers as well as provide tools and practices to help people take the often esoteric ideas of the Enneagram and put them to work in their everyday lives.

I teach workshops all over the country, host a weekly podcast, and offer individual and couples coaching to help you along your journey. This website is home to all of those things, plus resources on what books to read and what other teachers are doing great work with the Enneagram. I hope my work and this website are a valuable and useful tool for you as you dive deeper into the heart of who you are.