Prayer of Confession, 1

This prayer is intended to address the ways in which systemic racism and sexism distort the ways we view our own bodies and the bodies of others. All bodies were created in love and meant for love.

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Call to confession:

One: As the body is clothed in cloth
And the muscles in the skin
And the bones in the muscles
And the heart in the chest,
So are we, body and soul,
Clothed in the goodness of God. (from Julian of Norwich)

Yet, too often we turn away from this goodness that is in our very being.
Trusting in God’s faithfulness, compassion, and constant presence within and among us,
let us confess our sin before God and one another.

One: Creating God,
you knit our bodies:

All: Black bodies
Brown bodies
White bodies

One: Bodies created in love and meant to be loved.

All: Our trans bodies
Queer bodies
Cisgender bodies
Straight bodies

One: Our bodies were created in love and meant to be loved.

All: And yet, we have upheld these lies:
Black bodies are deficient
Brown bodies are illegal
White bodies are superior
Trans bodies are fundamentally flawed
Queer bodies are over-sexualized
Only Cisgender bodies are natural
Only Straight bodies are normal

One: We have borne these lies from our thoughts, passed them on to our children,
sputtered them from our mouths, spat them at our neighbors.
We have turned them in upon ourselves and out against one another.
Like poison, they consume us, so that the truth that we are your beloved children is lost.

All: Forgive us, O God, for believing these lies,
For internalizing them,
And for upholding systems which reinforce them.
Forgive us for forgetting this truth: that our bodies
Were created in love
And that we are your beloved children.

Silent Confession

Assurance of Pardon:
One: Beloveds, we have been created in love
and to be compassionate with our own bodies and one another’s.
Do not let the sin of deception convince you that you are anything less.
Live as people who have died and been brought back to life,
Trusting that the God of the resurrection is the same God who lifts us up each and every
day, holding us individually and collectively.

Written by Jess Cook, Copyright More Light Presbyterians, 2018

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