The Renaming and Commissioning of Adrian White

This renaming and commissioning service was held for More Light Board member Adrian White, who will begin studies in seminary in the fall of 2019, and who wanted to mark the occasion with their congregation, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church.

Naming liturgy text by Adrian White
Commissioning liturgy text by Rev. Jessie Light-Wells
Video by Elysam Raib

Pastors officiating: Rev. Jessie Light-Wells and Rev. Matthew Ruffner
Musicians: Zach Light-Wells, Chad McCutchen, Nathan Berry

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  • Bethany Peerbolte

    Is there a resource for renaming liturgies? Would love to see how others have done this as I plan one for a friend.

    • admin

      Hi Bethany!

      To our knowledge, there is not yet a resource for renaming liturgies. We have a few in the Worship Resources section of our site and are working on creating something more comprehensive, but it doesn’t yet exist.

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