Transgender students are more visible than ever on college campuses across the country. But, at the same time, many trans students continue to report struggles that make it difficult to achieve success.

These struggles are partially due to a lack of resources that most other students take for granted: social support, financial aid, career coaching, and more. These are vital to the college experience and                                                     go a long way toward improving overall health and well-being. Trans students share familiar dreams and professional aspirations, but lack of access to good resources all too often makes it hard to                                                         fulfill those goals.

This guide is designed to help transgender students find the resources they need to make their dreams a reality. It looks at academic and career tools, discusses options for social support and                                                                   networking, and outlines a few financial aid options. The scholarships listed are particularly useful because they are open to transgender students interested in earning a degree in any field,                                                                     including healthcare.

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