The Temporary Supply Pastor will provide a ministry of preaching, teaching, pastoral care, and organizational leadership as Northside discerns its way forward.

The Temporary Supply Pastor will work with the elected leadership and congregation to (1) nurture the spiritual growth of the congregation and (2) discern the church’s direction in its present circumstances. This will include embracing the church’s existing congregational culture of mutual care, respect, and mission enthusiasm, while addressing the challenges inherent in a small congregation with a limited number of members. We welcome ideas on how to reach out to the community and grow our congregation.

Northside Presbyterian is a More Light Congregation, which for more than 30 years has actively and joyously celebrated the inclusion of all people, especially including those who identify as LGBTQIA+ as full members and leaders in the church.


Worship and Spiritual Life: To nurture spiritual growth in worship, word, teaching, and regular interactions with leadership and members.
The primary work of the Pastor is to organize worship for each Sunday, including providing all of the liturgy for the bulletin, choosing hymns, working with the Office Administrator and Director of Music to ensure a high quality bulletin and service are created each week.
Offer the sermon each week.
Provide a children’s story time each week during worship for any children who would like to be a part of this time set apart for them.
Perform weddings (at the couples expense), funerals (at the families expense) and baptisms as requested by members of the congregation.
Pastoral Care: the Pastor will offer pastoral care to the congregation when there is a need. The pastor will ensure contact with worship visitors and welcome prospective new members.
Serve as Moderator of the Session – with voice but not vote.
Attend meetings of NAM and NAM Administrative Council (the administrative bodies which govern our relationship with our sister church St. Aidan’s Episcopal, with which we share a facility) and Presbytery. Attend other committees as is possible, including: Building and Grounds, Northside Gives (Mission) and NAM Social Justice.
Stay in communication with congregational committees that currently do not meet in a physical space on a regular basis, including Membership/Nurture, Worship Committee, Combined Worship Committee, and NAM Personnel.
Ecumenical Partnership: The Pastor shares a special responsibility to be in regular communication and collegial relationship with the Episcopal Vicar of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church. The two ministers work together regularly to plan combined worship and discuss the life of the two congregations working together. The Pastor will need to understand or seek to understand basic Episcopal polity in order to work well with their sister church.
Openness: the Pastor will understand the history of Northside Presbyterian Church as a More Light Congregation, and will consider this as central to the life of the congregation. The Pastor will, guided by the teachings of the prophets and the Gospels, hold the care of marginalized people as central to the work of the church.
Personal Spiritual Growth: The Pastor will spend time nurturing their spiritual life, and will consider this an essential part of the work. They will seek out colleagues and mentors, as well as quiet, personal meditation, to help foster the Pastor’s own life of faith.

During the term of service, the Temporary Supply Pastor will be accountable to the Session of the church, and to the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery of Detroit. A contract and formal review will be conducted after 6 months of service, and a contract renewal at the end of each year.

The person hired as Temporary Supply for Northside WILL be eligible to apply for or to be called to serve as installed pastor.

Three-quarter time (37.5 hours weekly, based on a 50 hour week), twelve months, renewable annually for up to three years with approval of the Session, and the Presbytery of Detroit.
Any party may terminate the contract with thirty (30) days notice and consent of the Presbytery.
Salary and Housing
Social Security
Professional study and materials
Vacation: Four (4) weeks, including four (4) Sundays
Study leave: Two (2) weeks, including two (2) Sundays

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