That’s So Gay is the first photo-text exhibit created by youth with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents to promote visibility and raise awareness about their experiences and families. Originally conceived of and created by the COLAGE Youth Leadership and Action Program in the San Francisco Bay Area, the exhibit includes portraits and quotes from youth with LGBTQ parents from all around the country. We have made the exhibit available online so that it can be printed and used by community members anywhere. The youth artists share: We want to open minds, challenge stereotypes, and fight isolation. We’re making a statement and establishing a trend of tolerance. These works of art are an expression of our work as a group and of our experiences as children of LGBTQ parents. Perhaps by seeing our faces and learning about our experiences, the next time someone hears “that’s so gay” they’ll think of us, and all the people that homophobia and prejudice affect.

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