Our friends at That All May Freely Serve (TAMFS) are focusing a large part of their mission on serving as chaplains to the LGBT community in the Presbyterian Church (USA). “We want to make sure that when anyone, anywhere who is LGBT/Q in the PC(USA) needs help,” writes TAMFS Minister Evangelist Ray Bagnuolo, “that there is always someone on the other end of the line: to be there; to listen; ready to help; and to make sure they know God loves them and they are not alone.” The phone number is 1-877-TAMFS-64 (1-877-826-3764).

From the press release at TAMFS:

We believe there are many for whom this service will be an important pastoral and advocacy ministry, supporting members of the PC(USA) who are LGBT/Q, those who love and care for us, along with congregations seeking help in navigating recent changes and those to come. It will be a way of helping one another by connecting us throughout the country, relying on each other and our experiences to assist those just beginning on this path. We want to make sure that none of us who are  LGBT/Q in the PC(USA) is ever alone or without someone to help us.

Please give the number a call if you need help or have questions. We would be happy to speak with you, listen to your ideas, and work with you in connecting our community and the PC(USA) in this pastoral and personal way.

TAMFS Help & Referral Line: 1-877-TAMFS-64 (1-877-826-3764)