Some months back, the board of More Light Presbyterians invited knitters and crocheters to create rainbow scarves so that we could offer them to people who do not attend General Assembly or church conferences and retreats. So far we’ve only received a few – many thanks to those knitters! We think word just hasn’t made it around, because we know how many folks have enthusiastically created these beautiful scarves before.

And here’s our invitation again! We need a good number before we can take requests.

Knitting and Shipping Instructions Here

I see a very good reason these rainbow scarves have become so popular at our PC(USA) General Assemblies. The rainbow is a Biblical symbol of hope based on the rainbow promise made by God to Noah in Genesis not to destroy the earth again by water. It has become a symbol of hope to LGBT Presbyterians and their loved ones that the church will come to reflect God’s loving heart for all God’s children.

Another way to think of this is the long Christian tradition of seeing God in all that is good and beautiful and true. Anyone who has seen the lovely pictures of past GAs where the rainbow scarves are so joyfully worn by so many knows how beautiful they are. What I see as so wonderfully good about them is that each one was hand-made with such love and creativity in every stitch. Whether by a basic novice like me or by a master crocheter like Will McGarvey, every rainbow scarf is a gift. God knows and we can see: every scarf is very good.

We know that what these scarves represent is true. Everyone can legitimately wear one—even the most conservative Presbyterian. We are all heartened by rainbows. We all acknowledge that God loves us all. Let’s celebrate these truths together by knitting, crocheting and wearing these rainbow scarves.

Our hope at MLP is that anyone who wants a scarf can get one, not just those who attend events. So please join our two great knitters so that we can offer them widely through cyberspace. Make it an Advent activity. Or after making your Christmas gifts, get to knitting or crocheting as many scarves as you are able. The directions for making them and where to send them are here:

In these scarves we testify that God’s love and hope abound, seen clearly in all that is good and beautiful and true. Thanks for making that all real by participating in this remarkable witness!