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Job PositionsThe following page lists open positions in the Presbyterian Church (USA) that are welcoming to LGBTQ people. The listings include positions suitable for both ordained and non-ordained candidates. The most recent listing is at the top of the page. We hope this page will encourage churches and organizations in the PCUSA to specifically recruit LGBTQ candidates and will also serve as a resource for people seeking welcoming places to work. If you would like to submit a position to MLP for consideration, please send it to Church Leadership Connection, the call system for the Presbyterian Church (USA), is available at Click “Opportunity Search” at the left on the PC(USA) site to search without creating a profile.

MLP Job Listings

Music Ministry Leader – Oaklands Presbyterian Church, Laurel, MD

Oaklands Presbyterian Church is seeking a part time Music Ministry Leader with the skills and sensitivity to serve as a unifying and energizing presence to shape worship that honors God, invites experiences of learning and growth, and inspires us to love, worship, and serve. If you feel called, please click HERE for a full job description and information about where to send your resume.

Solo Pastor – Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, NY

Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church (LAPC),a multi-racial, multi-cultural church located in vibrant Fort Greene, Brooklyn, seeks a dynamic, spiritually mature Solo Pastor to lead its congregation of over 200 members. The successful candidate will inspire us to apply Jesus’ teachings to a rapidly evolving community and help usher in a new phase of growth for this historic church. We hope to attract a pastor who embraces LAPC’s deep commitment to social justice, Christian education, and a rich music ministry rooted in faith. The church wants a leader who will engage with the surrounding community, help to increase active participation among our members and grow the number of families in our congregation.

LAPC celebrates and welcomes all people, regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, religious background, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age. For full details regarding this opportunity, click here to view the CLC Ministry Information Form (MIF # 05264.AA0). Also check out the “Pastor Search Page” at our website: In addition to Presbyterians, we are accepting submissions from ministers ordained in the Reformed Church in America, the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Interested candidates can email their PIF, resume and cover letter directly to

Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church seeks a Solo Full-time Pastor

Inspired by the life of Jesus Christ and informed by contemporary, progressive theologians we seek as a faith community to be:

Welcoming and supporting to all. We extend hospitality to everyone and in everything we do. Our communion table is open to all – believing the invitation is one of grace, not prerequisite. We are a More Light congregation. We work diligently and passionately to support inclusion in our Denomination. We are a committed witness with others to advance and maintain full inclusion for LGBTQ persons in all aspects of church life. Creative and joyful. We express our open hearts and celebrate with outstanding music, theater and visual arts in our church services; along with special events, such as church dinners and nights out at local arts events. Spiritual and learning always. We believe faith and knowledge are intertwined and live by “Faith exposed to reason, reason enlarged by faith.” Our progressive education programs for children, youth and adults, two book clubs for classics and contemporary literature and other programs ground our learning community. Called to serve each other. We have deep bonds. Our congregation uses words like “family” and “friends” to describe our relationships. We support congregants in their personal challenges, led by our Deacons. Our Caring Community takes on broad topics, such as navigating change, to address current needs and issues. Called to serve others through social justice outreach and ministry

The pastor serves five essential roles:

1) serves as our congregation’s spiritual guide and leader,

2) serves as head of staff and supports our congregational communities and programs,

3) ministers to our congregants and models ways for us to minister to each other,

4) serves as our representative with civic, religious groups and media and

5) helps us develop a strategy to grow and share our ministry with others. We are an involved and active congregation. We have lay leadership with extensive experience and organizational skills. We are ready and willing to support and collaborate with a new pastor. A high percentage of our congregants participate as leaders, community members and volunteers. We encourage all of our members to participate in one of our communities (Caring, Welcoming, Worshipping, Justice Seeking and Progressive Education). The pastor will have support from a committed and creative staff, from volunteers participating in our communities and special programs, and strong congregant leadership on Session and Board of Deacons.

Our staff includes a respected, innovative and creative minister of music, a resident caretaker, a strong administrative assistant (who herself is a Commissioned Ruling Elder) and an accounting assistant.

The new pastor can expect enthusiastic support and collaboration from our members and staff.

MIF Id #: 06284.AD0

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