The Civil Union and Marriage Issues committee at the 220th General Assembly was ably moderated by Rev. Aimee Moiso. In a reflection at Unbound, Aimee discusses the challenges this committee faced in a church still struggling with extending marriage to same gender couples and the importance of faithful discernment in all that the Presbyterian Church (USA) does.

The overall consensus of the committee was clear, however: though conversations about divisive issues are tough, they are absolutely necessary. They are painful, and they are integral to being the body of Christ. They require a kenosis of personal convictions and an openness to the witness of another that could change your heart, and they are the only way in which a divided church has a prayer of stay­ing together…

Yet the experience of the committee—some of whom were practiced in the politics of the church, and others who were brand new to it—demonstrated that there is still something faithful about listening and being heard, because of what it does for our hearts and our humility. Few believe this issue will not return in future years, and the overwhelm­ing YAAD (Young Adult Advisory Delegate) and TSAD (Theological Seminary Advisory Delegate) votes in favor of the amendment seems to indicate it will head to the presbyteries eventually in any case. Whether, in the interim, congregations and presbyteries will take the opportunity to use the study materials currently being prepared for their use and dig deep into these difficult subjects together remains to be seen.

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Summary from the Civil Union & Marriage Issues Committee.

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