More Light’s Ambassador program is unique in centering a faith-based approach combined with a mentorship and coaching element throughout the cohort experience to help participants with follow through. In addition, during the course of our organizing efforts, we have cultivated relationships with secular advocacy groups in key regions across the country can be a bridge of connection for our Ambassadors to help strengthen their organizing efforts.

Do you have a passion for social justice and are fired up to fight back against discriminatory legislation and work for bills that will expand protections for LGBTQIA+ lives? Join us as More Light Ambassador. We need your eyes, ears and passion to ensure people of faith to challenge a religious narrative that has positioned Christianity against the rights and equality of LGBTQIA+ people.

For over 40 years, More Light churches and individuals have engaged in some of the most creative and vital ministries and missions throughout the PC(USA). However, More Light bearers are operating in individual pockets, shining their light community by community. We are excited to share our dream to connect these pockets of light into a circuit that will illuminate the nation. We are living in a time that calls for nothing less than the full wattage we can offer. The Ambassador Program will harness our rich history of organizing for justice to shine light within our communities and the nation, and it will build on the founding principle of More Light Networks: that we are stronger when we are connected.

We are in the process of launching our National Ambassador Program. Our goal is to recruit an initial cohort of 15-20 Ambassadors from key states across the country. The Ambassadors cohort will go through a multi-part online organizing training paired with group and one-on-one coaching to support individual projects in their region. The training will build on lessons More Light has learned in 40 years of organizing people of faith within the PC(USA) and beyond. By providing the Ambassadors with organizing skills and connecting them with organizations and resources in their regions, we will support them with the tools to organize and engage members of their communities through the strength of their own voices and ideas. In addition to preparing the Ambassadors to conduct effective work in their communities, this initial cohort will lay the groundwork for future efforts to further scale the program, including a comprehensive online curriculum paired with coaching.

The long-term goal of the Ambassador program is to build an expansive online and in-person organizing model that will allow individuals across the world to become ambassadors in their communities.

As a More Light Ambassador you will work with us to mobilize MLP members and congregations to participate in public education and advocacy events such as roundtables, trainings, rallies, letter writing campaigns, op-ed campaigns, and news conferences.

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