Photo of Rev. Claudia Aguilar Rubalcava

Rev. Claudia Aguilar Rubalcava

Director of Engagement

Gender Pronouns: she/her

Rev. Claudia Aguilar Rubalcava is the director of engagement at More Light Presbyterians. She has worked in churches, campus ministries, hospitals, and institutions of theological education in several roles. Being bilingual, bicultural, and binational is part of her call to build bridges among different groups of people. She is a certified yoga instructor and loves music, dogs, cooking, and baking.…

Photo of All Souls Parish Presbyterian Church of Port Chest

All Souls Parish Presbyterian Church of Port Chest

Port Chester, NY

Photo of Rev. Pamela Anderson

Rev. Pamela Anderson

More Light Board Member

Gender Pronouns: she/her

Pamela (she/her) has been a PC(USA) teaching elder for the last 31 years. She has served churches throughout California, New Jersey, and Australia and has been a professor of religion at the University of Phoenix. She is currently active in the life of the LGBTQUIA+ community in Sacramento, CA. Additionally, she is an activist and has been an organizer for the state of California with the Poor People’s Campaign and the recent March on Washington, D.C.…

Photo of Avery Arden

Avery Arden

More Light Board Member

Gender Pronouns: they/ze

Avery (they/ze, MDiv) is an autistic, genderqueer, leftist minister residing in Atlanta, Georgia with their wife and two cats. You can most often find them engaged in embroidery or other crafts; waxing poetical about the queerness of God, or digging into biblical Hebrew and Greek. Most of Avery’s ministry takes place online, and includes a multifaith podcast of transgender stories; affirming liturgy and workshops; and a Disabled AND Blessed YouTube series.

Photo of Arise Campus Ministry

Arise Campus Ministry

Being a More Light campus group is important to us because we are the only publicly affirming Christian campus ministry group at George Mason University. Our students have long advocated for and been a safe place at GMU, and we want to publicly declare our welcoming statement to all six of the denominations that support Arise.…

Fairfax, VA

Photo of Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church

Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church

It is important to become a More Light congregation so that we can show our community that we affirm all LGBTQAI+ persons and their families. Our church began the journey to affirming More Light by creating a new ministry under our mission team. We began reading books on queer theology, meeting in small groups, and planning for upcoming classes and book discussion for our congregation.…

Photo of Arlington Presbyterian Church

Arlington Presbyterian Church

APC Session believes that formally endorsing MLP’s statement and becoming part of a national community of hope and equality is an explicit expression of a value that is fully consistent with who we are, and not a representation of something “new.” As Don Peebles, Clerk of Session, put it, becoming a More Light congregation is akin to “turning on the porch light,” that APC intentionally welcomes LGBTQ+ folks.…

Arlington, VA

Photo of Beacon Hill Fellowship

Beacon Hill Fellowship

​The Beacon Hill Fellowship is a Christian church that aspires to be a caring community of faith serving as a beacon of hope and healing to our hurting world.  For us, this means gathering as a congregation to love one another and learn from one another so that we can be liberated to scatter into our social networks to promote God’s dream of a more just, compassionate and humble society. …

Lakeland, FL

Photo of Beaumont Presbyterian Church

Beaumont Presbyterian Church

Photo of Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany Presbyterian Church

“We come to our views about the relationships and identities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons because of our understanding of scripture, not in spite of it.” ~ Pastor Heather

The policy of BPC is FULL inclusion of LGBTQ+ members, including serving in ordained leadership. We are a More Light Presbyteriancongregation, we suport Odyssey Youth Movement and every year we participate in Spokane’s Pride Parade and Rainbow Festival.

Spokane, WA

Photo of Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany is proud to be a More Light Congregation, which means we fully welcome people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender into the life and ministry of the church.

Tacoma, WA

Photo of Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany Presbyterian Church

At Bethany we find a nurturing community of faith, centered in the belief that God in Christ calls us to be family. Through worship, prayer, study and fellowship, we discover God’s presence and love for us in our lives. With grateful hearts, we also seek ways to embody and live out God’s love towards the larger community through hands-on outreach and mission.  …

San Bruno, CA

Photo of Bethesda Presbyterian Church

Bethesda Presbyterian Church

In our Statement of Welcome at the top of each Sunday’s Worship program, we boldly state and stand by this affirmation: “Bethesda Presbyterian Church is a diverse congregation welcoming all persons to serve Christ as full and active participants in our faith community, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identification, or any other personal attribute.” We are also proud that our pastor served 15 years ago on the pioneering national Presbyterian board whose witness opened the door for LGBTQ persons to serve in all levels of church governance – including pastoral ordination.…

Bethesda, MD