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Beacon Hill Fellowship

Work 220 West Beacon Rd. Lakeland FL 33803 United States Work Phone: 863-712-2416 Website:


​The Beacon Hill Fellowship is a Christian church that aspires to be a caring community of faith serving as a beacon of hope and healing to our hurting world.  For us, this means gathering as a congregation to love one another and learn from one another so that we can be liberated to scatter into our social networks to promote God’s dream of a more just, compassionate and humble society.  Everyone is welcomed and affirmed as a child of God in our Fellowship regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity.  Our congregation provides a safe environment where people can become a more Christ-like version of who God made them to be.  We invite all to join us as we journey together in our adventure of being followers of Jesus of Nazareth in our 21st Century world.