Photo of Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church

Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church

Work 5312 Mayfield Rd. Cleveland OH 44124 Work Phone: 440.442.2331 Work Phone: 440.622.2857 Website:


We are inspired by our neighbor, Faith UCC, who for many years been what’s called an “Open and Affirming” congregation. Over the past couple of months our leadership has been recalling past discussions/actions of wanting to express the same message to the community about our congregations expression of openness and welcome. It was recalled that we joined the Covenant Network of Presbyterians ~11 years ago, and are prepared to reaffirm our desire to be open and affirming within the Presbyterian Church by joining the More Light Network.

We fully believe our faith is meant to reveal the heart of Jesus. To live fully into God’s world it is essential to both affirm and work at being a community of hospitality, Recently, the Session voted unanimously to become a More Light Congregation, the Deacons raised their affirmations as well.