Photo of Renegade Gospel Worshiping Community

Renegade Gospel Worshiping Community

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From 7/13/2017 EM: Renegade Gospel Worshiping Community began as an intentionally diverse group of people who came together during a Lenten study. Most are folks who lef the church decades ago or have never attended church. Two members in their 30s took communion for t he first time on Pentecost Sunday, our first Sunday. One same gender family is a part of circle of love (2 mom and 2 daughters) and the rest of us are committed allies, hoping to create a safe spiritual haven for all people who have been turned off to religion and especially LGBTQ folks here in south Louisiana…the Deep South. We are not racially diverse.. yet… unless you count that my husband, sister and I are the only two in the group who are not Cajuns! Dat der raght!