Photo of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

Work 3535 Kessler Blvd North Dr Indianapolis IN 46222-1831 United States Work Phone: 317-829-0199 Website:


Who is welcome?

First off, let us make it clear that all are welcome at Saint Andrew. In fact, we made it part of our mission statement: “we welcome all people into the life of the church regardless of age, sex, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, socio-economic status or marital status, physical or mental ability, or any other worldly condition.”

So we try to practice Jesus’ radical hospitality, but what does this mean in actuality? It means babies cry, toddlers wander, and coffee spills and it’s all okay. It means that some dress up, some are in a soccer uniform, and most are somewhere in between, and it doesn’t make a difference. It means that a prayer of concern about your friend struggling with sexual identity and a prayer of joy about a newborn niece are both heard with love. It means that we are open to learning about and alongside people of different faiths, including our Muslim brothers and sisters. It means that our building serves two other faith communities whose backgrounds and beliefs differ widely from our own. It means that our communion table is open to any and all who wish to receive it — there are no restrictions on belief, baptism, or age.