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UKirk Birmingham

Work 3603 Lorna Ridge Dr. Vestavia Hills AL 35216 Work Phone: 205-790-1665 Work Phone: 205-718-9832 Website:


UKirk Birmingham was launched in 2016, created by students seeking spiritual formation, worship, and service in a community that would be open, welcoming, and affirming of the belovedness of all. We intentionally reached out to students on each of the college campuses in the Birmingham area, knowing that the only campus ministries most had encountered were decidedly not welcoming. The students started the ministry and area churches and the presbytery responded with financial and structural support. With More Light congregations involved and the impetus for UKirk Birmingham’s birth being so strongly connected to the celebration of LGBTQIA+ identity, becoming an MLP campus ministry was a simple decision. UKirk Birmingham continues to provide Reformed worship and an open table to students from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds who have found a community in which they can explore their faith boldly.