​Have you felt it?

It’s not quite a rumble . . . more like a murmur. . . A hum. . .

We’ve heard it in conversations among ourselves, as with each passing month of the ongoing pandemic we dive a little deeper into our own vulnerabilities, become a little more courageous with how we show up. We’ve felt it as we’ve found the steadying of our own voices, calling one another in as we learn to engage the softest parts of ourselves with conviction. We’ve felt it as we sink into the deep work of unmasking the lies that for too long have masqueraded as truth, lies told for centuries in order to maintain a death-dealing status quo.

When a caterpillar goes into her cocoon, she envelops herself in preparation for transformation. She does not simply grow wings inside her silken case; her body turns into ooze which, when reformed, will break free and emerge in all of her fluttering splendor.

Last year, on More Light Sunday we worshipped with almost 300 people over Zoom, basking together in the joy we felt in a moment of connection and nourishment that was needed for so many of us. As we began planning for this year’s More Light Sunday worship, we realized that, much like the chrysalis, we are feeling called toward more introspection, more room for breath and the Spirit.

We also feel the collective exhaustion permeating all we do, and have heard it from so many of you, too. With that in mind, we are excited to share that we will be offering Virtual Worship Supply for More Light Sunday this year. We are creating a pre-recorded worship service in full, drawing on themes of introspection, divine rest, surrender, and transformation. The service will include a Minute for Mission which will also be available to download separately for use in congregations seeking to learn more about More Light, or who’d like an update on what we’ve been doing.

To participate, simply sign up for More Light Sunday here. By 5pm on Wednesday, June 23rd, you will receive an email with a link to download a full worship service. Our hope is that, in offering a pre-recorded, downloadable service, we will have More Light congregations all over the country worshipping together, even if not at the same time and place.

The Rev. Annanda Barclay will be our preacher for More Light Sunday, and we will follow up with more details as they crystalize.

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