Look here to find a church or campus group in your community that welcomes LGBTQIA+ people into the full life and participation of the community! Each congregation or campus group listed is a member of More Light Presbyterians and is committed to full inclusion and welcome of all God’s people.

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Photo of St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church

St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church

Work Phone: (518) 392-3386 Website: http://www.saintpeterspc.org/


A Spiritual Home in the Real World

– We are not a church with its head in the clouds. We take seriously the demands, joys, struggles and hopes of human life and the present realities of the modern world.  We feel called by God to participate in Christ’s ministry of repairing a world that is broken and building up the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

A Progressive Voice

– We believe in a still-speaking God who is still at work to renew the church and the world it strives to serve. We acknowledge that the church has sometimes done more harm than good and has hurt and excluded those Christ called us to serve.  We are outspoken in our commitments to LGBT rights, interfaith collaboration, economic and racial justice, and peace at home and abroad.  We love our nation as we love our church – with our eyes open.

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