Look here to find a church or campus group in your community that welcomes LGBTQIA+ people into the full life and participation of the community! Each congregation or campus group listed is a member of More Light Presbyterians and is committed to full inclusion and welcome of all God’s people.

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Photo of Tabernacle United Church

Tabernacle United Church

Equal Treatment for LGBTQIA People

As a More Light/Open and Affirming congregation (these are denominational labels given in the Presbyterian church USA and the United Church of Christ for such congregations) we welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families in to the full life and leadership of the congregation. We sponsor gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender candidates for ministry, perform union ceremonies, advocate in favor of civil marriage equality, testify for equal treatment at Presbytery meetings, and financially support the More Light and Open and Affirming ministries within our denominations.…

Philadelphia, PA

Photo of Takoma Park Presbyterian Church

Takoma Park Presbyterian Church

The Takoma Park congregation has long called itself ‘A Church for All People’ and, since 1991, has identified itself as a ‘More Light’ congregation. We celebrate our diversity and accept as members and friends of the church all who put their trust in Christ. We welcome all persons regardless of age, class, race, nationality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, marital status, or religious background.…

Takoma Park, MD

Photo of The Vine Student Ministry at Collegiate Presbyterian Church

The Vine Student Ministry at Collegiate Presbyterian Church

Ames, Ia.

Photo of Third Independent Presbyterian Church

Third Independent Presbyterian Church

New Castle, PA

Photo of Third Presbyterian Church

Third Presbyterian Church

In 1987 Third Church officially became a More Light church, pledging to “warmly welcome all who are seeking God and/or have found reconciliation to God and neighbors through Jesus Christ, regardless of racial-ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or other human condition.” We have worked to change policies toward the LGBTQ community within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), as well as in the New York State Legislature and the Boy Scouts of America.

Rochester, NY

Photo of Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church

Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church

Seeking to be a welcoming and inclusive space, Thompson Memorial is pleased to join More Light Presbyterians!

Photo of Townley Church

Townley Church

Union, NJ

Photo of Trinity Church

Trinity Church

New York, NY

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian is a bunch of regular people who get together to enjoy our relationship with God and each other. We are a community made up of people who are single, married, divorced, on Match.com, widowed, gay, crazy rich and dirt poor. In this place you are welcome whether you’re looking for a church home, looking for one hour of peace, or just looking.  …

Ogden, UT

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity is a congregational member of More Light Presbyterians.
Following the risen Christ, and seeking to make the Church a true community of hospitality, the mission of More Light Presbyterians is to work for the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in society.

Harrisonburg, VA

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

What We Believe

We take the bible seriously, but not necessarily literally. We listen for what God is saying to us today while understanding the bible’s historical and literary context.

We believe children are not only our future, but they are our present.

We believe that God has given all of us gifts that God expects us to use to help transform the world into a more loving and caring place.…

Winston-Salem, NC

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Nashville, TN

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Our Mission: Micah 6:8
“To Seek Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with God”

We are involved in an ongoing journey together to discover what it means for us to live out the Mission statement we’ve taken from Micah 6:8: “Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God,” and try to weave these themes throughout our life together.…

Scotia, NY

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Being a More Light Congregation is one expression of our desire to seek and do justice in God’s beautiful, diverse, and troubled world.

Hendersonville, NC

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity is a welcoming church with a tradition of celebrating diversity. Our motto since 2010 has been
“celebrating diversity, working for justice, living with joy.” Our leaders are called by God and without respect
to gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, previous religious tradition, worldly circumstance, voting
record, or any of that other stuff that might get someone in trouble somewhere else.…

St. Louis, MO

Photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Photo of Trinity United Church

Trinity United Church

Warren, NJ

Photo of UKIRK @ SMU


When UKirk SMU was founded a year ago, we became the only campus ministry that was fully open and affirming to LGBTQ+ students. This week, we celebrate that we are officially a More Light ministry! While we’ve always been a place where all to belong, now we belong to a network of other congregations and campus ministries that are proud to claim LGBTQIA+ folks in our midst and that seek to embrace their gifts and empower them to participate fully and to shape our ministry.…

Dallas, TX

Photo of UKIRK at Middle Tennessee State University

UKIRK at Middle Tennessee State University

UKirk MTSU, a Presbyterian Student Fellowship, is a campus ministry located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We have a house near the edge of campus where students gather throughout the school week for meals, bible study, prayer, and fellowship. We also offer students opportunities to connect with local churches, to develop leadership skills, serve others, and to attend retreats and other outings for fellowship and spiritual growth.…

Murfreesboro, TN

Photo of UKirk at UVA

UKirk at UVA

Charlottesville, VA

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