Look here to find a church or campus group in your community that welcomes LGBTQIA+ people into the full life and participation of the community! Each congregation or campus group listed is a member of More Light Presbyterians and is committed to full inclusion and welcome of all God’s people.

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Photo of University Presbyterian Church

University Presbyterian Church

In February, the session adopted an inclusivity statement which came from two committees of our church: “University Presbyterian Church strives to embody God’s love for the diversity of creation by affirming the dignity of all persons as created in God’s image. We welcome people of all races, cultures, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and socioeconomic status in all ministries of the church.” In asking questions around how we live into this statement, we felt like a good first step was to join More Light in order to gain some resources.…

Austin, TX.

Photo of Valley Presbyterian Church

Valley Presbyterian Church

In November of 2018, a member of our congregation made a formal request that the Session consider joining the More Light Presbyterians. At that time, Session began a process of investigating the organization. The Session invited speakers, held Adult Sunday School sessions, conducted a survey, and discussed the matter at several meetings. Not only did Session vote in April of 2019 to join the More Light Presbyterians, it also voted to join the Covenant Network of Presbyterians and began work on a broader statement of diversity and inclusion.…

Portola Valley, CA

Photo of West Park Presbyterian Church

West Park Presbyterian Church

New York, NY

Photo of Western Presbyterian Church

Western Presbyterian Church

Inclusive. We welcome all to worship with us, no matter their social or economic circumstance, gender, race or sexual orientation. We are a member of the More Light movement, a network of individual members and congregations within the Presbyterian Church (USA) working for full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people of faith in the life, ministry, and witness of the Church.

Washington, DC

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Chartered in 1931 as a new seaside church, we set forth a new mission statement in 2019: Caring, Sharing and Growing God’s Love in our Communities. As a PC(USA) congregation, we welcome all, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, economics, or ability. Our worship features current expressions of our Reformed heritage. In 2020, we began drive-through communion & strengthened our social media presence and ministry partnerships in the community, focusing on both emergency relief and justice.

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster is a gathering of people …

  • Spiritually exploring
  • Open and inclusive
  • Committed to a faith that is applicable
  • Welcoming of families and children
  • Grounded in Christ

 How we worship…

  • Vibrant worship, together in community at 8:30 and 10:00 am each Sunday morning
  • Scripture readings
  • Inspired teachings
  • Children’s teaching time at 10:00 service
  • Contemplative worship at 8:30 service
  • Community prayers
  • Voicing of joys and concerns
  • Time for silent reflection
  • Variety of traditional and contemporary music (choir, organ, small vocal and instrumental groups, solo musicians)

Westminster is an inclusive congregation in which we are committed to embodying the faith in tangible ways through worshipping, learning, connecting, and serving.…

Tiburon, CA

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Washington, DC

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church was founded in 1893 as a Spanish speaking church. Since it’s founding WPC has always honored it’s beginnings and is still a bilingual congregation that believes in ministering the the community. In 2014 WPC became a More Light Congregation and a member of the Covenant Network or Presbyterians to let the LGBTQ community know that this is a safe, nurturing, welcoming, affirming community for faith for all people.…

Santa Fe, NM

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Buffalo, NY

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Albany, NY

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Westminster Presbyterian Church
Westminster strives to be an “Intentionally Inclusive” community of believers and seekers, following the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Through worship, study, and acts of compassion aimed at peacemaking, we seek to bring about God’s kin-dom in how we express our faith.

At Westminster, we emphasize a “progressive” expression of Christianity that values:

  • intellectual integrity in matters of faith
  • acceptance of all people regardless of ethnicity, creed, age, cultural background, gender, or sexual orientation
  • openness toward the value of other religious traditions
  • a strong commitment to social justice, peacemaking, and the care of our planet

Westminster Presbyterian Church has historic roots in the Wooster community, and was created to serve as the Congregation-in-Residence of The College of Wooster.…

Wooster, OH

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Point Loma has been on track to be a More Light church for many years. When the PCUSA made their statement over 20 years ago that LGBTQ+ individuals could not be ordained, our then pastor, Rev. Mikel Taxer, said from the pulpit that it was wrong and if we saw fit our congregation should go ahead and ordain whomever God calls.…

San Diego, CA

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

To bring the Kingdom of God to our world through our love and service to others. It makes clear our commitment to include all voices and value all our brothers, sisters, and siblings.

Akron, OH

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Becoming a More Light Church is about the difference between being welcoming and accepting. Lots of churches say they welcome LGBTQIA+ people, but that welcome is often more about the congregation than the people. Acceptance is a stronger form of welcome, one that says you are welcome just as you are, without condition. Being a More Light Church helps us outwardly project an attitude of acceptance and assurance of safety to the LGBTQIA+ community and also gives us the learning tools and resources to help us live out that value in our actions.

West Hartford, CT.

Photo of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Joining More Light was a “coming out” of sorts for the congregation. In practice, Westminster has supported the full inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in the ministry of the church. However, it is one thing to do these things, but it is another to be very clear about our support. Joining More Light is not a destination or a sign that we have everything figured out; we do not.…

St. Louis, MO

Photo of Wilton Presbyterian Church

Wilton Presbyterian Church

Our Mission and Vision

We are glad that you found us and that you are here. We are a welcoming and inclusive congregation seeking both to know Christ and to make Christ known to people from all walks of life. We pray that we will become better acquainted with you.

Wilton, CT

Photo of Woodland Presbyterian Church

Woodland Presbyterian Church

We are an open, inclusive community of faith that welcomes all into the life and leadership of the church regardless of ethnicity, social status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Nashville, TN

Photo of Yachats Community Presbyterian Church

Yachats Community Presbyterian Church

Simply put, YCPC is a community of faith, gathered in response to God’s call on our lives; doing the best we can to worship, witness and serve our community.

We realize that for many, walking into a church for the first time can be a daunting experience; full of promise, but also full of uncertainty.

Others may have been wounded by the church and made to feel unloved, unworthy of love and unwelcome.…

Yachats, OR

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