by Salina Brett, More Light Blog contributor

Where there is darkness in this world, light must shine to overcome it. We who identify with or are allies of the greater LGBTQ+ community are just such a light – a fabulous, Rainbow Radiant light.


I’m Salina Brett, I’m transgender, and I am making a call to everyone in our LGBTQIA+ community to become Rainbow Radiant Leaders of Love in every corner of our society.

Will you be one of them?

Too long have we hidden our light in the closets of our lives and the misty shadows of society. The leaders of our past and present have made huge sacrifices to ensure that we are now at least visible, but the time has now come for us to not simply be visible, but to shine our light toward all that is good and loving. The time has come for us to be active, moral leaders for our country and the world.

As we enter 2019, there is no greater or lesser evil in the world than what humanity has ever borne. Nevertheless, we are at a critical juncture of Light and Darkness, a point like many in history that will determine whether we are destined to allow that which is wrong and evil to reign, or to shine a Light of Love so bright that darkness has no foothold of power. If we fail to stand up now, if we fail to stand out, and shine Rainbow Radiantly for Love and Goodness now, then social justice will continue to erode into authoritarian rule and this planet will continue to be ravaged and polluted until it is uninhabitable for life as we know it.

The time has come for Our Love to Lead.

A key difference between now and other historic junctions of darkness and light is a vacuum of moral leadership  to rally that which is good to overcome that which is evil.

Long-rooted and loving families who were the pillars of local neighborhoods are now rare. Churches and social organizations are no longer the influential community cornerstones they once were. Those in government positions and business leadership at all levels are growing ever more seduced by the intoxication of power and money than by being responsible to the greater society that they serve.

Rather than debate why this has come to pass, I propose that we, the Rainbow Community, step forward. Our love for ourselves, others, and our planet is special, spectacular, and unique. We are a colorful, charismatic, dramatic, and amazing people. Our love and light shines brightly, brilliantly, Rainbow Radiantly.

It is time for Our Rainbow Radiant Love to Lead.

But what does this look like?

It’s actually very simple, small and powerful. Whatever you do and love, expand that, take leadership in it, and be rainbow visible in it.

Do you love nature?  Help rescue and protect it. Take a leadership role in an organization that respects our oceans or forests or wildlife or pets. Be open about being part of our Rainbow Community. Let your love lead.

Do you have compassion for the poor and victimized? Protect them in the ways that you can. Take a leadership role in an organization that helps the wrongly incarcerated, the poor, the abused, the homeless, the refugees. Be open about being part of our Rainbow Community. Let your love lead.

Do you have a strong spiritual life? Show others how to connect their spirits to power beyond that which money can buy. Connect them to Divine Love. Take a leadership role in your spiritual path. Be open about being part of our Rainbow Community. Let your love lead.

Are you politically passionate? Get involved in your local political group. Take a leadership role so that our voices are heard at all levels of government. Be open about being part of our Rainbow Community. Let your love lead.

As each one of us dials up our love and leadership, we will become a collective, Rainbow Radiant beacon of hope. People who are lost and confused will look toward us for direction to the greater good for all. Those who resist light will push back, but they will eventually fade and falter simply because Light always shines brightly.

Even the smallest candle brings light to the darkest corner of any room. Be that candle. Be the unicorn, fairy, lipstick, butch, gay, drag queen, trans, gender outlaw, family, friend, or ally of our Rainbow Radiant community of Light and Hope. Shine in your corner of the world so that the world can see our Rainbow Radiant Light of Hope and Love in every corner of theirs.

When your love leads, Our Love Leads. When Our Love Leads – Love Wins.

Thank you. Now, go out and shine!

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