One of the most delightful parts of the PCUSA General Assembly is seeing people wearing rainbow scarves everywhere they go—in the hallways, meeting rooms, plenary sessions, hotel lobbies, restaurants—witnessing to God’s love for all. These days, almost every picture of the assembly includes someone wearing a rainbow scarf!

In 2012, in Pittsburgh, we ran out of scarves and sadly had to turn many away during the last days of GA. This has inspired MLP to invite knitters and crocheters to get back to this prayerful ministry now rather than wait for Detroit in two years.

Whether it be those who came too late to the booth at the assembly or those who want to witness to God’s love but do not come to GA, we want to give you all a chance to receive one of these wonderful labors of love, and to engage in the ministry connected to them. With that in mind, we will also set up a way through the MLP website for those, far and wide, who want to request a rainbow scarf now, not later (this will be activated once we have a good supply of scarves on hand).

So, for knitters (or crocheters), the most important thing is to use the Red Heart Mexicana yarn available online and in the crafts section at most stores like Walmart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or Michael’s. Then, set your creativity free within the parameters of 40-60 inches long and 6-10 inches wide. Whatever you make will be received with joy! Detailed knitting and crocheting directions are below.

Once complete, you can send your work to:

Rainbow Scarves
1117 South Negley Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Receiving a Rainbow Scarf

For those desiring a scarf, start by praying about the two responsibilities a rainbow scarf carries:

A promise to share its meaning for you when anyone admires it;
a promise to offer to give it to anyone who expresses a wish to have one.

(You can always ask for another).

When we have a good number in hand, we will alert you how to request one. So keep watch.

Until then, we can all join in this prayer similar to ones offered with every rainbow scarf chosen at GA:

Most loving God,
we thank you for the maker who witnessed to Your love for all in every stitch.
Bless the maker and the wearer as we all go forth to follow Jesus
by embracing everyone as Your beloved child.

Detailed Knitting Instructions

These are the knitting and crocheting directions:

Yarn: Red Heart Supersaver Multicolor; the color is Mexicana (0950). The yarn can be purchased online at Red Heart. Red Heart Mexicana is also available through Joanne’s Fabrics. The yarn is in abundant supply at local Michael’s and Walmart stores.

Knitting Instructions: Many of you know this drill—use your wonderful imaginations! The scarves can be any size between 3 to 6 inches across and 48 to 68 inches long. People have made a few that are straight knit on a variety of needles, from size 8 to 11, casting on 10-14 stitches. Everyone is welcome to use whatever stitches, patterns, etc. you wish for these…it is a great project for trying out something new! The rainbow yarn is the common thread; our common love in Christ is flows into every stitch.

Crochet Instructions:
Hhook (can use larger or smaller depending on size of stitch desired)
Triple Crochet (TC) in 5th ch from hook and in ea ch across
Ch 4, turn, TC in ea st across; at the end of the row work last TC in top of turning ch*
*repeat until desired width is reached.
Make as many chains as you think will create a scarf between 40 and 60 inches in length. Width can be anywhere between 3 and 6 inches.