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Transgender/trans: a self-identifying term used by someone whose gender identity does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth.

Are you trans and want to show your pride? Are you an ally and want to show up for trans folks? The trans button is a great way to do just that!

The Trans/Transgender Pride Flag was created by American trans woman Monica Helms in 1999, and was first shown at a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona, United States in 2000.

The flag represents the transgender community and consists of five horizontal stripes: two light blue, two pink, and one white in the center. The blue stripes at the top and bottom represent the traditional associated with maleness, the pink stripes, with female-ness, and the white, for those who are intersex, transitioning, or who self-identify with a neutral or undefined gender.

Want to know more about what each pride flag means? Check out our Pride Flag Meaning resource!

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Buttons are 1.25″ in diameter with a metal clasp in the back

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