Stress Relief Through Glitter (of course)

It’s a hard time to be a human. It feels like each time we turn around there is some new message being posted about another group of folks’ identities being put at risk – and we are just about to enter into the height of holiday season, increasing the stress of an already intense year even more.

There are many many ways to care for yourself; and though it may seem kind of silly, one of the tools that’s been particularly helpful is glitter jars. Seriously! I’ve made these with youth in the past and they CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM. Steps are below.


  • 1 jar (any container that has a good sealed lid will work, but Mason jars are good because they have a tight-fitting lid. I’ve found the half-pint mason jars work the best.)
  • water
  • light corn syrup
  • 2 T glitter (the extra fine glitter tends to work best because it settles the slowest)
  • a few drops of dish soap
  • food coloring, if desired (note – a little goes a long way!)


  1. Fill the container ¾ with hot water.
  2. Fill the rest of the container with corn syrup (the more corn syrup you use, the longer the glitter will take to settle).
  3. Close the jar and shake the water/corn syrup until mixed.
  4. Open the jar and add glitter, dish soap, and food coloring.
  5. Close jar and shake again.

Once you’ve made your glitter jar shake it up, and focus on the glitter until it settles at the bottom. Be sure to take deep breaths, and try to block out everything else. This is a nice way to focus your attention, take time to breath, reground yourself.

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