The resources featured on this page accompany the More Light Teach-In Series. Whether you are catching up on one you missed, or digging deeper into the material, we hope you find what you need to keep learning. To access our Teach-In Archives, click the link below.

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Racial Justice Teach-In, Part 1 Resources

Racial Justice Teach-In, Part 1 Resources These resources were listed on Part 1 of our Racial Justice Teach-In as essential reading, people to follow on social media, and ways to take action. This list...

Practicing Inclusion Worksheet

Practicing Inclusion Worksheet This downloadable worksheet accompanies the Connecting the Dots: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation downloadable Teach-In.

Camp Hanover Child Protection Policy

In Part 2 of our Teach-In Series on LGBTQIA+ Youth, Harry Zweckbronner, Programs Director of Camp Hanover, discussed the process for developing a trans-inclusive policy for the camp. The policy is attached.

LGBTQ Terminology, 101

A list of terms identifying various aspects of the LGBTQ community. Terms are organized by assigned sex, gender, and sexual orientation.