When our former Pastor, The Rev. Missy Shiverick, retired as of August 2021, the Transition Team tasked with finding a Transitional (Interim) Pastor submitted Riviera’s Ministry Information Form, which explains who Riviera is and what we’re looking for in a Transitional Pastor. This form was uploaded onto PCUSA’s Church Leadership Connection website and has yielded over 15 matches to Riviera.

This month, your team is busy reviewing and reaching out to candidates to gauge their interest in Riviera and Miami. Once that information is received, we will begin to conduct due diligence and begin to contact references.  We look forward to keeping you informed about this process.

Many thanks to our colleagues at the Presbytery of Tropical Florida – The Rev. Patricia ‘Pat’ Ashley, The Rev. Geoff McLean, and The Rev. Dr. Daris Bultena – who support and aid Riviera at all times and now, especially in our search for a Transitional Pastor.

Susan Mazzola

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