Virtual Pulpit Supply

As a national organization with a small staff, we have often lamented that we aren’t able to connect with more congregations in worship. Virtual Pulpit Supply allows us to connect no matter the distance, and gives congregations from Alaska to New York the opportunity to hear a good word from More Light.

How does it work?

Virtual Pulpit Supply is offered once a month, on the last Sunday of the month. To sign up, fill out the form below. By 5pm on the Friday before the last Sunday of the month, you will receive an email with a link to download a vide0 containing a welcome, scripture reading, sermon, and benediction.

The sermon will draw from the lectionary texts for the week, though you are welcome to download it at another time in the month   on another date if it works better for your congregation.

Does it cost anything?

There is no cost to download the sermon. However, to enable us to continue this ministry, we ask that you consider making a donation of $200 to More Light. You can donate to More Light on our website or by mailing a check to:

More Light Presbyterians,
PMB 246
4737 County Road 101
Minnetonka, MN 55345