“Having witnessed both the enormous strides made towards equality in the last 10 years, and the disconcerting backlash, we now feel called to deepen our commitment to inclusion. We believe that becoming a ‘More Light Church’ will be an important step in this journey.”

Celebrating the ordination of MLP Board member Ashley DeTar Birt into her ministry at Rutgers Presbyterian Church. Photo taken at East Liberty Presbyterian Church.

A welcoming congregation is just the beginning of abundant inclusion. With your help we can ensure every congregation is a welcoming place for LGBTQIA+ people and that we live out our faith in action in our communities and world.  You can get involved by joining with MLP, engaging with us on Facebook or Twitter, attending a More Light event, finding a welcoming church or starting a More Light process in your congregation, and sharing your gifts for the furthering of our ministry.

Visible, tangible welcome for LGBTQIA+ persons isn’t just a Gospel imperative, it’s an incredible tool for evangelism. There has never been a better time to become a More Light church. While many strides have been made for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and rights, too many LGBTQIA+ people do not feel they have a place to worship. Though welcome for all God’s children might seem obvious within your congregation, do others outside of your walls know of your commitment and support for LGBTQ persons in the church? Becoming More Light is a great way to ensure people in your community know your congregation or group is a welcoming and affirming place to encounter God.

What happens when my congregation or campus group becomes More Light? 

  • Your church becomes part of a national community of hope and equality.
  • We’ll post an announcement and celebration of your new More Light status on our blog and social media.
  • One of our staff-members will follow up about additional resources you might need.
  • We list your church on our map and directory of More Light Churches.
  • You may use MLP logos and banners as part of your congregation communications.