“I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your . . . presentation, and conversation with us last week. I have had the most wonderful feedback from staff, students, and faculty. One staff member said that your thoughtful, articulate, and sometimes humorous presentation has given him a much better understanding of trans issues and has, actually, made him more comfortable engaging those who appear different than himself. I would call that a huge success!”

Connecting the Dots Workshop (times vary)

This workshop, is a revamp of our signature Teach-In of the same name, and gives participants a vocabulary for welcoming LGBTQIA+ people into their congregations. Offering fresh ways to discuss gender identity and sexual orientation that look for commonalities rather than categories, Connecting the Dots will give participants a way to use their lived experiences to better understand nuances of gender identity and sexual orientation. The workshop addresses practical answers to questions about gender identity and sexual orientation, with the goal of expanding our welcome of LGBTQIA+ people in our congregations.

The first half of the training covers basics of language and terminology and gives context for how we understand sexuality and gender by beginning with our own experiences. The second half of the training digs into a deeper discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation and pronouns – including a practice on how to use non-binary pronouns.

The training can be formatted to fit your timeframe, running from 2 hours to a full day. 

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