“After the church’s ruling body first affirmed marriage equality this summer, I finally married my partner in our home church. It was a dream deferred for 28 years! I wept when it came true. With this historic vote, the Presbyterian Church welcomes not just our wedding, but our whole family into the church community.”

Nathan Sobers Ruling Elder

“I am so inspired by the churches and leaders I meet who are paving a path of abundant inclusion for all God’s people. We have more stones to lay in the future so that all may find the road home. Will you join us?”

Alex Patchin McNeill Executive Director

“More Light creates a space for the church to lovingly participate in the intersectional life and culture of LGBTQ people. It’s needed, it’s fun, and it promotes spiritual and congregational growth.”

Annanda Barclay Board Co-Moderator

“I support More Light Presbyterians because they help teach the church how to be fully inclusive of all people.”

Rev. Will McGarvey MLP Board Member

“I am proud to be part of More Light Presbyterians so that I can act as God’s hands and feet, doing the work to help churches in the PC(USA) live out their conviction that all people are welcome before God in their fullness.”

Charlie Shin MLP Board Member

“With two gay children and a gay grandchild, I cheered from the sidelines with each incremental step our church took toward full inclusion of LGBTQ folks, and despaired when progress seemed to stall. I got to know More LIght and now serve as a proud More Light board member.”

Mark Olsen MLP Board Member

“More Light saved so many of our lives when we lived in an overtly hostile church. Now that we can live into our call more fully, More Light helps us and the church embrace today’s amazing and challenging world.”

Rev. Dr. Kyle Walker MLP Board Co-Moderator

“I am proud of the work of More Light, particularly all the ways that More Light is helping the church live into abundant inclusion, recognizing the full dignity of LGBTQ people, our families and our calls to ordained service.”

Rev. Scott Clark MLP Board Member

“Supporting More Light is another way to say LOVE is STRONGER than hate!”

Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks MLP Board Member

“More Light has helped me live into my identity as a queer person of faith.”

Jenny Hardin MLP Board Member

“I support More Light Presbyterians, because not only are they committed to the core gospel values of welcome, inclusion, hospitality and healing, but they embody those values in who they are and how they operate. MLP is the real deal!”

Ethel Hornbeck MLP Board Member