“The presentation was deceptively simple, but profound.”

More Light’s workshops are useful tools to help you take the next steps in your journey of welcome. More Light hosts individual educational workshops to teach current, new, and prospective members of its welcoming network about the realities facing LGBTQIA+ individuals, and how to address them from a faith perspective. If a workshop looks like a good fit for your congregation, be sure to contact us
here to find a time for a More Light staff-member to come visit your community.


Connecting the Dots: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

This workshop will teach participants how to discuss the nuances of gender identity and sexual orientation in order to provide a strong foundation of welcome.
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Storytelling 101: Changing Hearts | Building Power

This 2-hour training will teach participants how to use their stories: to build relationships with members of your congregation and community and to take action by writing for your local newspaper in response to urgent social justice issues, to build a deeper relationship with one’s elected officials, or in committee meetings/hearings.
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Storytelling for LGBTQIA+ Justice

This 3-hour training will give an overview of language and terminology as well as offer participants a greater understanding of opportunities for action in the current legislative landscape available for faith-led advocates.
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Building an Inclusive Church

“Building an Inclusive Church” is a 2-day workshop that provides a structured path for faith communities to explore and embrace welcoming policies at the congregational level. The training is based on the ecumenical Building an Inclusive Church toolkit available for a free here. Participants emerge with concrete skills to begin a conversation on full inclusion that positions LGBTQIA+ inclusion as an opportunity to unite a faith community, not divide it.
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