“The Storytelling 101 Workshop showed me how my story is important and how, when it is connected to other people’s stories, it can bring real change.”

Storytelling 101: Changing Hearts | Building Power

We are a people of Good News and we are a people called to share Good News! Our ancestors did that through stories that share experiences and unearth our deepest values. Like those who have come before us, through our public storytelling we not only communicate our most cherished values but also inspire others to act through our tales of challenge and growth.

Our stories can be used: to build relationships with members of your congregation and community and to take action by writing for your local newspaper in response to urgent social justice issues, to build a deeper relationship with one’s elected officials, or in committee meetings/hearings.

Outline (2 hours)

  • 0-10 m Introductions and Setting the Space
  • 10- 30 m Crafting your Story of Self
  • 30 – 45 m Practicing your Story of Self
  • 45 – 65 m Crafting your Story of Us & Story of Now
  • 65 – 90 m Practicing your Story of Self, Us, Now
  • 90 – 110 m How to Use Your Story
  • 110 – 120 m Closing reflections & Send Off

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