Has your congregation asked, “we’re welcoming, now what?” More Light’s interrelated programs help move congregations along a pathway towards full inclusion for LGBTQIA+ people, improve ministry services for LGBTQIA+ individuals in need, and expand the faith-based movement opposing discriminatory legislation.

Our programs help congregations and our members build their capacity and develop new skills to deepen their welcome to LGBTQIA+ people within their churches and in their wider communities. If you see a program that interests you but don’t know how to get involved, feel free to contact us!

Liberation Bible Study

Liberation Bible Study is a podcast where More Light Executive Director Alex McNeill and guests read the Bible as a source of inspiration and strength to help listeners live into God’s abundant vision for their life and the world.

Each show approaches a different biblical text, and the co-hosts read the text in the style of lectio divina. However, rather than using the typical lectio style, each reading of the text addresses a different question related to liberation.
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More Light in the World


Through Storytelling Workshops, In-Person Teach-Ins, or Preaching and Worship Leadership, More Light in the World is focused on deepening relationships with More Light churches and members through in-person contact.

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Out of Order Documentary

Out of Order is a groundbreaking feature documentary revealing the complex and painful struggles faced by LGBTQIA+ faith leaders within the Presbyterian Church, USA. The movie draws timely attention to the joyful experiences and complex struggles of queer young people seeking to live into their call to serve in ordained ministry. Learn more about how to to attend or host a screening.
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