We have made it through another year of navigating uncharted waters, of making connections online, doing all we can to keep one another safe and healthy while also grieving lives lost, and continuing to proclaim faith in Love that will not let us go amidst turmoil in the world in which we live.

In the past two months, the Board of Directors made some significant announcements about recent shifts in our organization. In October, the Rev. Alex Patchin McNeil and the Rev. Jess Cook concluded their roles on staff.  We give thanks for all of their gifts, talents, and dedication that brought us to this next chapter of More Light Presbyterians. We look forward to the ways Alex and Jess will continue to transform the landscape of the Church in the next chapter of their ministries.

While change is hard, it can lead to new opportunities for growth.  The More Light Board of Directors will take the beginning of this transition for Sabbath and discernment in the new year.  Our commitments to LGBTQAI+ flourishing and anti-racism in the PC(USA) and the world remain at the center of our work together. Join us as we move toward next steps for More Light in the midst of these transitions.

We pray you are well. We hope you have felt our presence with you through this time, and that you’ll continue to draw from our resources and support as we prepare for 2022. You are an important part of the work and legacy of More Light! We are so thankful for who we continue to be together.

Your support makes it possible for More Light Presbyterians to provide pastoral care, educational programming, worship resources, and more to individuals and congregations seeking to follow God’s call for a church where all can thrive. We invite you to give generously as the year closes. Your gift makes such a huge difference. Together, we shine more light than we ever could alone.

Below is a prayer and blessing written by the Rev. Shawna Bowman. May it inspire you for the year ahead:

There is much to do my Beloveds,
there is much to resist and dismantle
and there is building to be done,
coalition building,
community building,
power building,
and there had already been a foundation laid.
Rest now,
because we need all of us,
to heal us,
we need all of us,
to repair us,
we need all of us.
Meet us here, O God.