Dear friend,

In the past year we have hoped, prayed, and dreamt that the Presbyterian Church, USA would recognize the commitments of all loving couples who have covenanted to life together as married. Now that the General Assembly has voted to recommend that we update the Book of Order to describe marriage as a unique commitment between two persons, it is time to begin our work to ratify 14F, and we need you!

Whether you have only an hour or two between now and next June, or are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work organizing  – we have a place for you!

  • Do you have 10 minutes to give?  Call your presbytery office and find out when your presbytery will votes on 14F and let us know.  We can’t organize, have strategic conversations, and get out the vote if we don’t know when it is happening.  This is step one.
  • Do you have 2 hours to give? Talk to the voting representatives from your congregation. Tell them why you support marriage equality and ask them to vote yes.
  • Do you have a few more hours to give? Talk to others in your presbytery that you know are supportive of the amendment and get them involved.
  • Join a MLP calling team and recruit volunteers in presbyteries across the country.
  • Join a MLP calling team and talk to voters, encouraging supporters to make sure to attend and vote yes.
  • Help keep our voting data up to date by managing our spreadsheets and database.
  • Join our training team to make sure volunteers have all the resources and information they need.
  • Apply to be a Regional Coordinator. MLP is hiring 6 regional coordinator positions, that come with a small stipend. The Regional Coordinators will be responsible for organizing teams in 5-7 presbyteries.  They will work with the national coordinators, recruit volunteers, and manage a volunteer team.  You’ll get a chance to learn how messaging is constructed, how to run a GOTV effort, and more.
  • Donate to support our organizing efforts! We need your financial gifts as well to sustain our work for the next year! Click here to give now:

If you’d like to volunteer with More Light, whether you have an hour to give or more, please let us know here: We want to make sure you have the resources and support you need every step of the way!

If you want to apply for a regional coordinator position, please do so here: The applications are open through October 20.

Thank you for all that you have done already to bring us this far in the work for LGBTQ inclusion in the PC(USA)!

 Yours on the journey,

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Alex Patchin McNeill
Executive Director

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  • Denise Hayden

    Good Morning,

    Can you tell me where the 14F comes in. I have looked on PC-Biz and in the Book of Order and can not find a 14F? I would like to read what the amendment 14F say’s but am unable to find a 14F amendment anywhere. Where can I find this?


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