Once more, the season for knitting and praying our way to the PC (USA) General Assembly is upon us. It is time for us to get the Redheart Mexicana yarn, pull out the needles or crochet hook, and pray for justice with each stitch, asking others to join us.

Since 2008, rainbow scarves have been a delightful and anticipated witness to God’s love for all God’s children. They have been a wonderful success at each assembly because of the faithful, creative effort of hundreds of you across the church. They astound people with their artistry and generosity as each person stepping to the MLP, CovNet or TAMFS booths chooses a scarf, prays with a volunteer and promises to tell the story of the scarf if anyone admires it. They also promise to give it freely to that person if they want it to share the story of God’s love symbolized by the rainbow.

Some knitters and crocheters attach notes, but most are sent to us anonymously. I want to share these notes that arrived recently in boxes of rainbow scarves from two of you:

From Indianapolis: “I set a goal of knitting 24 for the next GA (one/month since the last assembly) and I made it! Knitting them gave me the occasion to reflect on More Light Presbyterians’ long, strong history, remember the friends I’ve made since I tuned into the movement in 1990, and to consider how my home church can grow in its welcoming capacity. Thank you for providing a means for that ‘examen’ with knitting needles. May God be blessed by our next General Assembly.”

And this note from Washington, DC: “These scarves were made by my 85 year old mother, my 22 year old daughter and me! The first ‘batch’ we sent via our church last year . . . we continued to make them and will continue, if needed. Contents: 10 scarves *had more, but shared them as I explained the MLP ministry! : )”

These brought tears to my eyes, as they both so deeply grasp the spirit of this rainbow scarves witness!

Rainbow ScarvesSince the focus in Detroit will be upon overtures regarding marriage, MLP is adding an additional wrinkle to the rainbow witness at this assembly. St. Sergius and St. Bacchus were early church martyrs who were Roman soldiers in Syria. According to the historian, John Boswell, they were united in an official church liturgy of their time. Perhaps we can agree: today, we would recognize their love and commitment as marriage. A mosaic preserved in a Syrian church portrays them wearing identical rings.

We invite our talented knitters and crocheters to design similar rings in the Redheart Mexicana (rainbow) yarn that can be particular reminders of our yearning for the PC (USA) to recognize that love is love, that God already blesses wonderful gay and lesbian couples in marriage—the church is just catching up. If your design is one that even the novice or less skilled knitter could enjoy mastering, then please send it to us. We would love to have these rainbow witnesses to marriage (like that of Sergius and Bacchus) be omnipresent in Detroit!

Of course, we will continue to receive with gratitude every effort, so here are the traditional directions for your information:

Redheart Mexicana yarn is available online or at Walmart, Joanne’s Fabrics or Michael’s.

Knit: 3 to 6 inches across, 40 to 60 inches long, 8 to 11 needles, casting 10 to 14 stitches across.

Crochet: Hhook, Triple Crochet (TC) in 5th ch form hook and in each across, Ch. 4 turn, Ch. 4 turn, TC in east across; at the end of the row work last TC in top of turning ch, repeat until desired width (3-6 inches) is reached. Make as many chains as you think will create a scarf between 40 to 60 inches in length.

Download Pattern for Circular Rainbow Scarves

Deepest thanks for your prayerful effort!! All work should be sent to:

Margaret Fleming
874 St. Clair Av
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Here we go knitting and praying our way to GA!


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