Attention all LGBTQIA+ identified people who are seeking a call in the PC(USA)!

Join us on December 5 at 7:30pm ET!! 

More Light and Covenant Network are collaborating with Jihyun Oh at the Church Leadership Connection to support a new pilot project for an electronic version of their popular face-to-face opportunities for call-seekers to meet and network with Mid-Council leaders who know of churches seeking pastors.

In addition to piloting the face-to-face program electronically, they are piloting focus groups with target populations and the first such meeting is SPECIFICALLY FOR LGBTQIA+ call-seekers!

During this webinar, planning team members will share wisdom and insights around the particulars of call-seeking as LGBTQIA+ people. (The webinar will not show your face, so your identity will be protected.)

To sign up for the webinar and the electronic Face To Face, you’ll need to complete the interest form and return it to Jayne Culp by DECEMBER 1.

You can read the letter from Jihyun Oh that explains a bit more about the opportunity here.
There will also be a webinar for Mid-Council leaders who will participate in the face-to-face in January to ensure they are knowledgeable about the specifics that LGBTQIA+ call-seekers face.

Lastly just as a reminder, this opportunity is limited to self-identified LGBTQIA+ folks only. However you do not need to be out to participate.

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