More light = you. One of the aspects I love about More Light Presbyterians is that we value not just one light, or two lights, but MORE light shining in this movement. We recognize that fairness, equality, and welcome for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people within the church and our world will only truly happen when many voices are raised together.

The removal of barriers to the ordination of openly lesbian and gay candidates to ministry was an important policy advance. Yet, for every LGBTQ person ordained in the PC(USA), there are dozens without a voice, too discouraged to answer God’s call or without a place for ministry. The beloved community where God came to dwell among us is harmed when the voices of LGBTQ people cannot be raised.

During this Advent season, as we light candles and wait for the Christ-child to appear among us, we hear stories of shepherds, wise people, prophets, and kings preparing the way for the light of Christ to break into the world. As we work and hope for justice for all LGBTQ persons, I know that it is our stories that will prepare the way.

The miracle of Christmas is that God took human flesh and shared God’s story among us. Christ’s witness taught us the importance of lifting up our stories as a testament to the world God envisioned. Our ministry towards a world that includes and celebrates LGBTQ lives is only as effective as it is incarnated in the lives of those in our movement. We need your story. We need you.

Yesterday, MLP launched the application form for you to join the MLP Editorial Board. The Editorial Board grows out of our experience with our movement authors initiative and deep conversations on our board. You can read all about it below, but here’s the good stuff: for a commitment of just 5 hours a month we are inviting you to join our 2014 cadre of authors to share your stories, receive peer coaching from others in your cohort, and training from the dynamos at Fenton Communications. Most importantly, as a member of the Editorial Board your voice, your story, and your witness will help our More Light shine brightly as a beacon in a world such that the darkness shall not overcome it.

Will you join us?

Yours on the journey,

Alex Patchin McNeill
Executive Director

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