A Statement by the MLP National Board of Directors

At the MLP National Conference in Tucson, AZ, September 27-29, 2013, More Light Presbyterians (MLP) gathered for joyful worship, welcoming community and energizing workshops. We look forward to 221st General Assembly (2014) hopeful that the church will affirm for all persons, the freedom to marry.

To that end, the Boards of More Light Presbyterians and Covenant Network are committed to work for the passage of BOTH an authoritative interpretation and a constitutional amendment, believing that both are absolutely essential. More Light Presbyterians will prioritize working for the amendment while The Covenant Network will focus on education and advocacy for the A.I. before the Assembly. Both groups are committed to work for these actions at the Assembly and beyond. Join us in building a church that reflects God’s heart.

Stand for Love Before the 221st General Assembly

Here are some significant ways to volunteer with More Light Presbyterians before the 221st General Assembly (2014) in Detroit:

Use the MLP Marriage Study Guide to have conversations about marriage or lead a marriage study in your congregation or presbytery.

Join us in knitting and praying our way to the General Assembly.

Sign Stand for Love as a teaching or ruling elder if you have performed same gender weddings, or are willing to perform them as the pastoral need arises.

Pass a marriage overture or overture concurrence in your session or presbytery. Be sure to read More Light Presbyterians’ commitment to passing an amendment and authoritative interpretation at the Assembly.

Volunteer with More Light Presbyterians at the 221st General Assembly (2014) in Detroit. Click here to sign up!

Want to help advance the freedom to marry in the PCUSA? Sign up to volunteer with More Light Presbyterians.

We look forward to Standing for Love with you as we head into the 221st General Assembly. Thanks for everything you do to build a church that reflects God’s heart.

In peace,

Heidi Peterson Signature

Rev. Heidi Peterson, Co-Moderator

Nathan Sobers

Nathan Sobers, Co-Moderator

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  • Glyndon Morris

    I thought MLP was now about getting congregations to actually live into LGB ordination (T not being directly addressed by the change in the constitution). Yes, I support marriage for all. My concern is that MLP is not doing enough in the pews and is doing too much at the GA. If we are really going to work at Christ’s body, it isn’t the superficial crown that will make the difference; it is the bowels, the inmost parts that will. Opening a new battle will only alienate others and lengthen the battle. Better to let the drama play out in the civil venues. Once we have legally wed folks in our pews (or their parents, siblings, etc.), then the pews will rise up and demand justice–one congregation at a time. Then they will fight FOR us, not AGAINST us.

    This is a bad decision.

    • Constance McIntosh

      I am looking forward to the time I may legally-decently and orderly-join in the joy of performing weddings with same-gender couples (who have waited too long already!) but I have to agree with Glydon’s insightful perspective.

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