More Light is excited to announce that videos of our popular Teach-In series are now available. These videos are great for personal use or as part of an education series at your church, seminary, or collegiate campus. If you have a creative way you’re planning to use the videos please let us know! We’ll be adding videos throughout our current Teach-In series: Gender Justice and Trans Inclusion, and have the video from Showing Up for Racial Justice, the final teach-in of the Racism and Racial Justice series available as well. Click here to watch and share! 

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Registration is now open for our Gender Justice Teach-In sessions II and III:

We’ve gotten so many requests, we’ve brought back and expanded the Gender Justice and Trans Inclusion Teach-In series. This spring, join hundreds of other advocates how to be a confident ally to transgender people. This series will cover new threats to transgender lives as well as how to welcome transgender and gender nonconforming people into your congregation. Past participants report our trainings helped them bring their faith into conversations about transgender identities and empowered them to take action.

Session II. Theology of Trans Inclusion

Teach-In: April 6 • 3:00-4:30 pm ET

What will we learn?
What does trans inclusion look like? In this training, we’ll dive into the rich Biblical foundation for trans inclusion and explore how churches have successfully made worship more welcoming. Participants will walk away with tools and tactics to make their church spaces more intentionally inclusive of trans identities.  Past participants report that our framework has helped their congregations welcome trans people as well as become more sensitive and open to people of other marginalized groups. 

Session III. Faith in Action for Trans Inclusion

Teach-In: April 25 • 3:00-4:30 pm ET

What will we learn?
What good is light hidden under a bushel when people in your community live in darkness?  This training surveys what opportunities for action the current legislative landscape offers faith-led advocates. Beyond national and state-level action, participants will also learn how to implement proactive policies and programs in their home churches. 


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