Ohio Faith Organizing Coordinator (Part-time)


More Light Presbyterians seeks a part-time faith organizer based in Ohio to take the lead organizing Presbyterians for an educational campaign on fair treatment of all Ohioans regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. The position is a contract position for 15 hours a week through January 31, 2015.

More Light Presbyterians values education for congregations and clergy to know how to achieve fair treatment and equal opportunity for all Ohioans regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. We know that through active engagement of leaders and congregations in Ohio toward this goal we can:  (a) educate the public that discrimination against LGBT people is still legal; (b) create greater understanding about the need for redress for the harms caused to LGBT people by discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations; and (c) counter oppositional education that uses religious freedom or religious exemptions as a means to discriminate when others seek to secure LGBT-inclusive statewide nondiscrimination protections.

This staff position will work toward active engagement of clergy and congregations by fostering relationships with clergy, people of faith and their faith communities; recruiting and developing volunteer leadership of people of faith; and, conducting trainings, forums and education events.  The Faith Organizing Coordinator works closely with and is supported by the Faith Organizing Manager at the Task Force, collaborates with the Equality Ohio Faith Organizer and works hand-in-hand with other Institute for Welcoming Resources (IWR) Organizing Coordinators.

Overall, this position will contribute to a broad coalition of Ohio faith organizations engaged in community building with tangible results to support Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender liberation.


Work closely with the Equality Ohio Faith Organizer including:

  • Actively participate in the Equality Ohio Education Fund (EqOHEF) Faith Council
  • Be in regular communication with EqOHEF, the Task Force, other IWR partners to ensure coordination, lack of duplication and the sharing best practices.
  • Organize participation in designated Faith in Action weeks.
  • Report your activity in monthly calls with other Haas, Jr. grantees
  • Full range of organizing deliverables are listed below.


  • This job will require you to have or to learn the following:
    • Team-building and organizing experience
    • Actively engaged in a faith tradition
    • Organizing and motivating diverse people into action
  • Written, oral, interpersonal, spiritual and presentation skills and the desire to build relationships with clergy and ministry staff
  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships with a wide array of people
  • Desire to/ability to build an active team and give coaching to build leadership
  • Critical thinker and problem solver who is both a relational and results-oriented organizer
  • Eagerness to learn new skills, ability to deliver outcomes within time limitations
  • Well-organized with effective time-management skills
  • Energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive: a team leader who can effectively implement both strategic and tactical actions and events
  • Have a driver’s license and regular access to a vehicle with insurance

Interested individuals should submit cover letter, resume and references to alex@mlp.org  We are hiring now for this position so please apply immediately. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through August 20.

Full Range of Organizing Goals for September 2014 – January 2015

Denominational Support

  • Work with EqOHEF to ensure coverage of the statement of support through mainstream and LGBT media and Presbyterian networks.

Clergy Support

  • Obtain signatures of at least 50 clergy on letters supporting protections for LGBT Ohioans from discrimination.
  • Designate 5-7 clergy to create sermons or sample sermons addressing the harms caused by anti-LGBT discrimination and specifically including the need for protections for transgender Ohioans
  • Recruit at least 6 clergy to preach these sermons
  • Recruit at least 4 clergy write/byline, submit, and have published letters to the editor or op-eds in local newspapers across the state supporting protecting LGBT Ohioans from discrimination and specifically including the need for protections for transgender Ohioans
  • Find and recruit at least 3 clergy share their journey stories about LGBT equality on video.
  • Recruit and maintain a list of 4 clergy are trained, identified and on call to participate in strategically timed press conferences.
  • Recruit 4 clergy to be prepared to quickly and publicly respond from a faith-based perspective to claims that “religious freedom” requires that people of faith and religious institutions should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people.

Work closely with Task Force staff to create a team of trainers, coaches and conversationalists based on People You Know (PYK) Conversations in priority districts

  • Identify 4 welcoming congregations to host PYK conversations to educate people about the harms caused to LGBT people by discrimination, build familiarity with transgender people and increase the number of pro-LGBT faith allies
  • Support and train congregational leadership who learn to grow and activate their congregation
  • Understand and present a training module to teach congregants to have PYK conversations to inspire others to support protecting LGBT people from discrimination
  • Identify, train and support 8 congregational leaders to become trainers and recruiters for PYK conversations; have weekly 1-on-1 meetings either face-to-face or on-the phone with congregational leaders
  • Identify, train and support 5 coaches to conduct follow-up sessions with people trained to have PYK conversations to encourage them to have PYK conversations and obtain letters of support.
  • Through PYK conversations, obtain 300signed letters expressing support for protecting LGBT Ohioans from discrimination.
  • Track these conversations, conversationalists, congregational leaders, coaches and trainers in the tracking document

Demonstrate Presbyterian support for Protecting LGBT People from Discrimination in areas prioritized by Equality Ohio.

  • Identify at least 3 More Light Presbyterians congregations to create a visibility campaign that demonstrates support for protecting LGBT people from discrimination within the congregation and with the public at large.
  • Identify at least 4 non-welcoming congregations hold a coffee hour presentation or an after-church forum
  • Identify 15 relational, non-lobbying visits with legislators to discuss the harms caused to LGBT people by discrimination and, from a faith-based perspective, why protecting LGBT from discrimination is important.
  • Through non-PYK-related activities, obtain at least 70 signed letters expressing support for protecting LGBT Ohioans from discrimination.
  • Recruit and train, as appropriate, Presbyterians to participate in rallies, on-line petitions, non-lobbying canvasses and other educational events organized by EqOHEF and other faith partners.

 Supervision, Tracking and Reporting Progress

  • Eager to get feedback and coaching to improve your skills
  • Write a weekly report highlighting successes and challenges; build on successes and problem solve solutions in a weekly supervision meeting
  • Track, evaluate and regularly report on all numeric deliverables using the tracking form

Work Commitment

  • Devote at least 15 hours per week to coordinate and implement the above activities through January 31, 2015.


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