How we understand scripture is foundational to our abundant inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in the life of our congregations and in our culture.

These resources offer approachable and accessible entry points to decipher Biblical perspectives on LGBTQIA+ inclusion, as well as opportunities to dive deeper into a theological imagination with queer people firmly in the heart of God’s love. If you have a resource to share or don’t see one that would be helpful for you please contact us.

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enfleshed enfleshed was created out of a deep longing for spiritual resources that speak in our time to the things that matter most. With a commitment to spiritual and theological depth and the centering of...

Where True Love Is, Suzanne DeWitt Hall

Where True Love Is Where True Love Is is a 90 day Biblical exploration of God, scripture, the law, gender, sexuality, marriage, and more. After reading it, you’ll be able to offer a Bible-based...