For 40 years, the two primary Dead Sea Scrolls scholars – Dr. Lute Jonson and Fr. Sean O’Derry – have hidden seven fragments that tell where the teenage Jesus of Nazareth lived … because they also shockingly reveal the gender of “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” Finally the Protestant Lute argues, “The world deserves to know this kairos event. These writings are the just like other biblical stories of God’s moments of breakthrough into human history.” Sean, a Roman Catholic scholar-priest, vehemently disagrees, warning that the second revelation would end the faith of a billion conservative Christians worldwide. Fearing that the explosive news might die with the two aging scholars and deciding they contain Good News, not bad, Lute steals the 2000-year-old parchments and flees Jerusalem for America, determined to find a global media outlet. Sean’s security agents, close behind, are soon replaced by Vatican officials and finally CIA agents. As Lute barely escapes his hunters and reveals the ancient truth to one confidante after another, the trail of casualties mounts. His quest is completed under the blended blaze of a Midnight Sun on Alaska’s Yukon River.