Below is a brief response to all that happened at GA 223 with regard to LGBTQIA people

At the 223rd General Assembly, the Presbyterian Church, (USA) passed in consent agenda by a unanimous voice vote 4 resolutions that will have a tremendous impact on supporting LGBTQ people. More Light, in partnership with The Covenant Network of Presbyterians as well as other partners, worked for the passage of these overtures. We are beyond delighted by the this affirmation by the denomination.

More Light Presbyterians’ Executive Director, Alex Patchin McNeill, shared:

“As a transgender man and cradle Presbyterian, my belief is the same today as it was yesterday: that we are all God’s beloved children, and Jesus calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Today the Presbyterian Church, USA took powerful steps to make explicit the welcome of LGBTQIA+ folks and committed to advocating for transgender, gender non-binary, and people of all gender identities in the church and society. I am inspired by the church and look forward to a continued journey toward building a church that truly reflects God’s heart.”

With voices lifted in “aye,” the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, USA said yes to 11-04 and 11-15, 11-12, and 11-13. Overtures 11-12 and 11-13 lamented the mistreatment of LGBTQIA+ persons in both Church and society, celebrated those on whose shoulders we stand, and enabled offices of the PC(USA) to advocate on behalf of the lives of LGBTQIA+ persons in the halls of power. Overtures 11-04 and 11-15 spoke to the growing misuse and abuse of religious liberty claims to justify discrimination against marginalized persons.

The PC(USA) has long affirmed religious freedom but will not tolerate religion as a means of restricting freedom. With a unison chorus the PC(USA) is now an affirming church, celebrating LGBTQIA+ persons serving in the life of the church, and the full humanity and dignity of transgender and non-binary persons and those of all gender identities. For more information about these overtures, visit

We celebrate this tremendous progress, and will continue working diligently and deliberately to ensure these these commitments are lived out in the life of the church, and have a meaningful impact in a world increasingly in need of More Light. 44 years ago, when David Sindt stood up on the General Assembly floor and held up a sign asking “Is anyone else out there gay?” he did so with the vision for a day like today, when the denomination he loved and served would affirm the full humanity and contributions made by not only him, but also his LGBTQIA+ brothers, sisters, and siblings.

Additionally, the Assembly passed Overture 10 – 03: A Resolution on Determining the Need for an LGBTQ+ Advocacy Committee in the PC(USA)—From the Advocacy Committee for Women’s Concerns.

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