Episode 19
John 14:1-14

Guest: Rev. Lindsey Anderson

In this episode, host Rev. Alex Patchin McNeill is joined by the Rev. Lindsey Anderson as they discuss John 14:1-14 through the lens of belief.



Rev. Lindsey Anderson serves as Co-Pastor of Love Rising Lutheran Church, a congregation born from an experimental cooperative of four churches in the city of Detroit, sharing a call to justice and ministry in the city.  She has worked with this faith community for seven years, exploring creativity, solidarity, liberation and faith.  Lindsey grew up in Southeast Michigan, she is a mixed-race cis woman of color, proud member of the black community and fourth generation Presbyterian. In her spare time she works with a team of anti-racist educators, is developing a spiritual practice of puzzling and stays believing the resurrection promise for her many houseplants. She lives in Southwest Detroit among a great community of neighbors and friends.

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