The resources featured on this page are helpful for individuals who are discerning their own sexuality, for parents or friends who want to understand more about LGBTQIA+ identities, and for congregations to increase their awareness and understanding of LGBTQIA+ people.

If you have a resource to share or don’t see one that would be helpful for you please contact us.

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Asexual Pride Flag

Asexual: a self-identifying term used to describe a person who experiences a lack of sexual attraction or very little sexual attraction. Asexuality is also sometimes referred to as “ace” for short. The asexual pride...

Queer Theology

Queer Theology is a website dedicated to exploring the theological gifts LGBTQ people bring to the church.

Marriage And The Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

This guide was written in advance of the 221st General Assembly, but the questions and background it offers remain relevant for congregations wanting a forum for conversation about marriage for same-sex couples rooted in...

A Time to Embrace

In A Time to Embrace, William Stacy Johnson presents a brilliant analysis of the religious, legal, and political stakes in the debates over gay marriage, civil unions, and the place of committed gay couples...