Liberation Bible Study is a podcast where More Light Executive Director Alex McNeill and guests read the Bible as a source of inspiration and strength to help listeners live into God’s abundant vision for their life and the world.

Host: Alex Patchin McNeill

Each show approaches a different biblical text, and the co-hosts read the text in the style of lectio divina with a twist. Like lectio divina, the text is read three-times, and each time participants are asked to answer a question in response to the text. However, rather than posing the typical lectio-style questions, each reading of the text answers a question related to spiritual grounding and liberating strength:

  • The first reading addresses what is happening in the text itself, and the passage’s larger context
  • The second reading addresses the question of how the text calls us into resistance (particularly with regard to how we resist the status quo)
  • The third reading speaks to the vision the text offers for the work of liberation

In the midst of a devastating political reality, our need for spiritual grounding and liberating vision is as urgent as ever. The process of reading the text through the lens of liberation has proven to be a big help connecting people back to the deep roots of resistance and liberation the biblical texts offer, as well as a reminder to people of their own well of resilience and commitment to working for an expansive vision of God’s kindom. The process has the ability to change the tone of a whole room. The goal for the podcast is to offer a space of spiritual nourishment to build resilience and continued resistance beyond the experience of reading the text.

Episode 26, Welcome: Rev. Ashley McFaul-Eriwn

Episode 26 Welcome Matthew 10:40-42 Guest: Rev. Ashley McFaul-Erwin In this episode, host Rev. Alex Patchin McNeill is joined by guest and More Light Board member Rev. Ashley McFaul-Erwin as they discuss Matthew 10:40-42...

Episode 25, Self-Reflection: Rev. JC Cadwallader

Episode 25 Self-Reflection Isaiah 58:1-12 Guest: Rev. JC Cadwallader In this episode, host Rev. Alex Patchin McNeill and guest, Rev. JC Cadwallader discuss Isaiah 58:1-12 through the lens of self-reflection. Rev. Jocelyn (J.C.) Cadwallader...

Episode 22: Amazement: Rev. Jess Cook

Episode 22 Amazement Acts 2: 1-21 Guest: Rev. Jess Cook In this episode, host Rev. Alex Patchin McNeill is joined by the Rev. Jess Cook as they discuss Acts 2:1-21 (the Pentecost story) through...

Episode 21, Anxiety: Rev. Bertram Johnson

Episode 21 Anxiety 1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11 Guest: Rev. Bertram Johnson, MDIV, MSW On this episode, Liberation Bible study host, Rev. Alex Patchin McNeill is joined by Rev. Bertram Johnson, as they discuss 1...

Episode 19, Belief: Rev. Lindsey Anderson

Episode 19 Belief John 14:1-14 Guest: Rev. Lindsey Anderson In this episode, host Rev. Alex Patchin McNeill is joined by the Rev. Lindsey Anderson as they discuss John 14:1-14 through the lens of belief....